Nate Derby






Nate Derby Address: 815 1st Ave., Suite 287
Seattle, WA 98104-1404
Phone: (206) 596-2400
Email: nderby [at]
I'm an experienced statistician, specializing in predictive analytics for customer loyalty and engagement, which I do for community banks and credit unions through my company, Stakana Analytics. Before working exclusively for financial institutions, I did predictive analytics for ten years in the retail industry for companies such as Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Ste Michelle Wine Estates, Intel, and Wunderman. I've published over 20 technical papers, given multiple presentations, and published two popular open-source analytics software packages.

Upcoming Presentations

8/26/18: Nate will present at the Golden Horseshoe SAS Users Group in Hamilton, ON.
3/11/19: Nate will be a panelist at the Bank Innovation IGNITE Conference in Seattle, WA.
4/2/19: Nate will give a presentation at the Credit Union Analytics Summit in Redmond, WA.

Recent Presentations

9/23/18: Nate presented "Who are Your Bank's Best Customers and How Can You Better Retain Them through Analytics" at the Western Bankers Association Educational Summit and Expo in Anaheim, CA.
8/28/18: Nate presented "Identifying, Retaining, and Engaging Your Bank's Best Customers" at the Western Bankers Association as a webinar.
5/29/18: Nate presented "Serving More Members with Less: Analytics Success Stories from the Retail Industry that Credit Unions Can Learn From" at the Marketing Association of Credit Unions Conference in San Diego, CA.
5/15/18: Nate presented "Selling More with Less: Analytics Success Stories" to the Western Bankers Association as a webinar.
4/10/18: Nate presented "Reducing Customer Attrition with Machine Learning for Financial Institutions" at SAS Global Forum in Denver, CO.
3/22/18: Nate presented "Growth, Analytics, and Credit Unions" to the Marketing Association of Credit Unions as a webinar.
2/21/18: Nate presented "Customer Centricity, Analytics, and Community Banks" to the Western Bankers Association as a webinar.